Lake of the Woods Minnesota, MN

Why is it a great travel destination?

Travel destinations are meant to charm us. The charming factor differs, and it is here where their novelty lies. The world contains a huge number of exotic travel destinations and such locales draw in tourists. One of the sorted travel destinations is the Lake of the Woods that coils between Minnesota and the rest of the United States of America.

The Lake of the Woods is bounteous in flora and fauna. It harbors the growth of rare species of plants and animals. It is a lovely sight to find bald eagles nesting in pairs in the Lake islands. This travel spot also has the American White Pelicans and the Piping Plover in plenty. Being the sixth largest freshwater lake, this place is believed to have the longest shoreline of all other Canadian lakes. This shoreline runs to a length of more than sixty thousand miles. The beatific angle to the locale is added by the numerous islands it includes.

During a holiday, people often like indulging in things dreamed of but hardly done in daily life. They go bohemian, trying out things they read in books. It could be skiing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and the most common of all fishing. Fishing often happens to be a hobby when on an outing. Well, in such a case Lake of the Woods is the exact travel destination. It lives up to the expectations of all expert or amateur fishers. It mainly has a wide population of Walleye, Lake Trout and Muskellunge. Other species of the fish population that can be found in this region are Lake Perch, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike.

Islands have always been worlds in dollops of land. They have a mystique enticement in them. The litany of islands found in the Lake of Woods make it one of the most acclaimed tourist spots. There is the Flag Island, Little Oak Island, Bigsby Island, Garden Island and many more. Most of the islands are found in Minnesota. Recreation is best lived on visiting Lake of the Woods. It has a gargantuan area with over fourteen thousand islands and a wide serene countryside to match up to the expectations of relaxation on a holiday. There are personal boats and residential areas for people who can afford it while for others the place can make arrangements of equipment outfitters and resorts to make them taste a slice of heaven.

The major attraction among the Lands within the Lake of the Woods is the Aulneau peninsula. The well- known canal known as the turtle portage makes Aulneau an island. It has around eighty lakes in it. One of the lakes is the Arrow Lake. The place is of historical importance and can serve to be of great interest to historians. It is said that the famous French Catholic Priest, Jean- Pierre Aulneau was killed on the Lake of the Woods on 6th of June 1736. The island has been named after him. The church in Minnesota known as Father Aulneau Memorial Church was also built to honour the great man. The great advantage in visiting this travel destination, Lake of the Woods, is to find out how to enjoy the lake to the fullest. If not gumption, it could be done by seeking help from the several marinas and resorts that skirt the land area. They advice tourists on camping and fishing, provide them with nautical charts and are highly professional in making dining or houseboat arrangements for them. To enjoy the beach life one can visit the Zippel Lake. It has a beach that can be examined and explored personally. There are numerous sanctioned parks and campsites for further adventure but tourists need to be careful about bear biting and other biting insects. Access to the Zippel Lake could be easier through the Zippel Bay State Park.

There is a boat competition held in this locale that adds to its charm as a travel destination. Boats from Britain, Canada and US take part in the seven day long race from KENORA. It is known as the Lake of the Woods Regatta and is a cynosure for most of the visitors. There is also a Lake of the Woods Museum, situated in Kenora, Canada. This museum is well- established and is a hub of activity. There is some or the other occasion going on here that can add up to a person's general knowledge about the place, history of the spot and most importantly about the services it can provide. The Museum is well- known for the thematic displays it puts up. The Museum has exhibits depicting the steamboat era and the first inhabitants the place had harbored. They were some groups of indigenous tribes that used fur from the bear and feathers from the birds to make hats. These tribes depended on shoals of trout for subsistence. The Museum has photographs of such people. It can also tell how the Lake of the Woods looked like a hundred years ago and thus makes us strike a chord with a forgotten history. The Museum also has captivating samples of the industrial development that has taken place in the travel destination. There are photographs and exhibits from the Lake's most successful gold mine, which is the Sultana. The scenic beauty of the Lake of the Woods is beyond description. It seems to have been carved out with Nature's utmost benevolence.

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